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Quicker updates

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I had a thought. Could there possibly be a way for us users to tell the crawler that a particular comic has updated earlier than expected? Like a button to say "Hey! This comic updated! Go check and add it to the updated comic list!"

Just a thought.
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Vaguely related: I had an idea a while ago where the site could learn roughly what time of day a comic typically updates, and check it more frequently around that time.

For example, imagine that a comic was last checked two hours ago, and then the site checks it again and finds that it has updated. That gives us one data point: the site updated one hour ago, plus or minus one hour. The next day, the site can check a bit more frequently during that time, which will give a new data point with a smaller margin of error.

Over time we get a more refined estimate of when the comic updates each day, and which days it updates. So it can be checked more frequently at that time, and less frequently at other times, and will be marked as updated sooner after a new comic appears. If a comic updates at the exact same time each day (e.g. Irregular Webcomic!), eventually it will be marked as updated on the site pretty much instantly.

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