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First, dont think this thread belongs in art? well, poetry is AN art, isnt it? yes, it is.

O Soft Taco

O soft taco, you are my sex mistress!

You shame me with guilt and fat.

I feel my heart pound

And my blood pressure rise.

Your insides are warm and tender

You give me so much pleasure,

Stroking my senses,

Whetting my appetite

You make me prematurely

Salivate, drowning

Until I get you in me

Your smell is rank

But you taste so good

And do wonders for my tongue.

Oh, God, yes! Soft taco yes!

yes, yes, YesYesYESYES!!!


I need a napkin.
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To me this whole thing
is beginning to seem a
little bit silly
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Poetry an art?
But why ever not?

there are many who write in prose,
yet so few can actually master,
the art of a true poet.

Poetry need not rhyme.
Rhymes are simply child's play;
Just a method of placing standard diction
into an attempt at poetry.

As to this shittiness,
why must it seem as so?
Why do you smash down an art form,
when it has inspired centuries of men.

You are correct that poetry is ignored.
It must grab back its spotlight.
Stand out.
Fight back.
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You should try to not
be featured on the Something
Awful Weekend Web
They have some emo
poems there just about, oh,
every darn week
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Lick your lips and laugh
as you dive deeply into
the ding dong of death
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I expounded on this for a demonstration on alliteration.

Listen lady, I will lick my lips and laugh as I dive deeply into the do-si-dohs of your depression!

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But when you face that murderous wave,
That neither Gods, nor demons may stave,
With a broken spear, or an empty gun,
When 'tis folly to stay, and ruin to run,
Remember the comrades who stood you by,
And with a little smile prepare to die.
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Poetry of Archilochus' and ancient greek warrior poet.

By spear is kneaded my daily bread;
By spear is my Ismaric wine won,
which I drink while leaning upon my spear.


Doubled over, the drunken gurgle out their pride.


Some Saian mountaineer
Struts today with my shield.
I threw it down by a bush and ran
When the fighting got hot.
Life seemed somehow more precious.
It was a beautiful shield.
I know where I can buy another
Exactly like it, just as round.


Were it only my fortune to touch Neaboule's hand...
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martok88 wrote:
I expounded on this for a demonstration on alliteration.

Listen lady, I will lick my lips and laugh as I dive deeply into the do-si-dohs of your depression!

I quite like it. That's an interesting rhythmic device you use there, wqhich seems to counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of the humanity of the... Vogonity, sorry, the Vogonity of the poet's compassionate soul.
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When I make up poetry, it lasts MUCH longer. They also contain NO swearing, outright, clear cut sexual referance or drug endorsements (double meanings are allowed.

However, some can be very twisted. I have a three page poem that is in four line verses that mentiones every sexual fetish I can think of, INCLUDING the use of magic, mad science, time travel, and other such things.

The first line is enough to turn some Christians off. The second one is worse, as it CAN be taken to imply that Jesus wants to have sexual relations with Demons (No mention of a Demoness was made.) One verse SHOULD get me barred from most Christian church groups for life.

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