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How to spot a fake Hermes Birkin

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The authentic bag\303\242\342\202\254\342\204\242s shape is crisp and pronounced, whereas the fake hermes birkin bag\303\242\342\202\254\342\204\242s shape shows bulges where you would expect a straight line.

Stamp & Contour
The stamp on the authentic hermes birkin bag is clean and uniform, but the stamp on the fake bag looks spotty and irregular. Also, the authentic bag has a slight indented contour above the seam, which is missing from the fake bag.

The engraving on the authentic bag\303\242\342\202\254\342\204\242s hardware, is thin and refined, but the engraving on the fake bag\303\242\342\202\254\342\204\242s hardware is deeper, wider, and the letters are further apart.

Inside strap
For the authentic Hermes handbags, the cutout of the inside seam is neat, but on the fake bag, the cutout rough.

The authentic bag\303\242\342\202\254\342\204\242s zipper pull has contours, the fake bag\303\242\342\202\254\342\204\242s zipper pull does not.

Forums >> General >> How to spot a fake Hermes Birkin

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