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BROKEN: Many DrunkDuck comics

Celtic Minstrel
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Bad Guy High Adventures
Children of the Night
Compozerz Fan Artz, The
Compozerz, The
Death and Fairy
[Error: Comic #3555 not found!]
Grog Extras
Legacy of Fan
Mob Ties
Public Misfit Kids
Soup by MyifanW
Stickman and Cube
Trillium School of the Art

I assume other DrunkDuck comics have the same issue, though there are also some that are not broken.
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They changed their layout. I'm getting around to them, when I can. I can change the reg_exp to something that works, but it would be easier if someone just changed the Drunk Duck method over.
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Fixed those ones you mentioned.

To be totally honest, fixing Drunk Duck takes a back seat for me compared to activating new comics or fixing the problems on the comics I subscribe to here, when I have the time to work here.

I usually check them via the Drunk Duck site. Mostly the same reasons for the problems with Smack Jeeves, except that one is a real problem, changing it's coding often, and not uniformly.

Forums >> Problems >> BROKEN: Many DrunkDuck comics

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