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More broken comics

Celtic Minstrel
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I still have a lot of broken comics on my list... I'll omit some of the ones that are on hiatus or function as filler. I know many of them are DrunkDuck and the DD method apparently doesn't work, but can't you just give them a custom update method for now?

Bad Guy High
Between Places
Children of the Night
Compozerz, The
[Error: Comic #3555 not found!]
KAMics, The
Magical Misfits
Mob Ties
Oopsie-Doodle (seems the comic moved to a subdirectory: <> )
Stickman and Cube
Trillium School of the Art

Also, this one's finished: Crossoverlord, The

And while I'm here, please activate Death and Fairy.
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Oopsie-Doodle was not listed there.
Between Places seem to be fine.

For Drunk Duck I just found /pages/(.*?)' works fine for most. Hopefully it will become the new reg_exp for Drunk Duck.

Forums >> Problems >> More broken comics

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