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BWOKEN comics list (not too long)

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It took me a while to notice that some of my comics were broken, but anyways here's the ones that no longer update and have the little gray broken symbol.
[Error: Comic #3555 not found!]
Caribbean Blue
[Error: Comic #2846 not found!] (Which is odd because it doesn't show up broken when I search for it, also it has a duplicate here: I was kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space)iMew
Las Lindas
Motokool Scottish
Not So Distant
[Error: Comic #4458 not found!] (Which has a duplicate too: Romantically Apocalyptic )
Shi Long Pang (Main site)

Anywho, I just figured I should post these here. Thanks for an awesome site!

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Gemini is a duplicate of Geminni, which is also not updating. Drunk Duck is still being fixed up after changing servers, so until that is fully settles we can't finx another fixed reg_exp for it. Same with I was kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space.

Blue Nose for some reason kept timing out, but the info there was all correct.

Caribbean Blue, iMew and Las Linda all changed address format and layout. Tracking the Archove pages.

Motokool Scottish, just dropped the www.

Not So Distant, No comic there anymore.

One Romantically Apocalyptic is no longer updated.

Shi Long Pang (Main site) is fixed.
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That was really fast. Thanks for the updates! (pun completely intended).
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Blue Nose and Caribbean Blue were blocking our robot. I switched them over to checking the RSS feeds.

Forums >> Problems >> BWOKEN comics list (not too long)

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