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So then, we are at the very very tail end of this year. It is time to usher in a new year, and to lead the old one gently to its well-deserved slumber; and what better way to do that than by listening to me ramble on about yet another webcomic? What better way? Why, by having to *read* said rambling opinions, of course. That'll put an over-caffeinated six-year-old right to sleep, by God. So then, I cast my eyes over the line-up of my most-cherished comics, and the entry to catch and hold my gaze, becoming by virtue of this stroke of fate the last review of this year of the Lord 2007, is...


This day began pretty well for Jay Donnel, actually. Before noon had even rolled around there was Ginny, the sweet blonde looking admiringly up at him from under her lashes, clearly casting him in the starring role of her newest romantic fantasy. Then there was Phoebe, the spicy brunette, with that sardonically amused look in her eyes, and that infectiously sardonic grin on her lips, that told him if he'd just play his cards right...

The only cloud on the horizon was him being talked into a duel with the rival Kendo club to defend the honour of his wuss roommate, Tom, but that's not exactly a problem. Jay, after all, is the instructor at his club while the pugnacious punks he's facing are just a bunch of blowhards. And afterwards there's a buffet of sweet and spicey for Jay to choose between.

Unless, of course, a worm decides to crash the party. A ten foot long, fanged, eight armed, poisenous, fanged, man-eating worm from a parallell dimension. With fangs.

So the day that began so well deteriorates into Jay being swallowed by the worm and spit out like some latter day Jonah, a group of interdimensional entrepreneurs trying to perform a mercy killing on him, escaping by the skin of his teeth when Pheobe shows up to kick their asses, and then dying from the worm venom!!!

Fortunately, Jay gets better, and comes away from his ordeal older, wiser, and with nifty self-healing superpowers that'd make Wolverine drool, and the ability to perceive interdimensional gates. Now, as you realize, most people would take this opportunity to dress up in fetish gear and fight crime, but Jay, sensible Irish farm boy that he is, opts on a more classy route: the extra dimensional people he and Phoebe just met hire them for the lucretive but risky job of hunting down valuable objects across the dimensions, and our intrepid adventurers embark on a journey of exploration, magic, and Grand Theft Artifact, Indian Jones style.

Name: Compass
Author/Artist: Traci Spencer
Status: Updates 1 p/week

Style: Western
Format: Colour, Full page
Content: Continuous story
Genre: Fantasy/Contemporary adventure
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1) Your reviews are well written.
3) Keep writing reviews, please.

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