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Dealing with ignored comics and user accounts

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Right now, comics only have a couple different status settings: On, Off, and maybe Broken. Here's a suggestion of new statuses to deal with comics that aren't being watched:

Suggested: Comic not checked for updates. Once an admin creates and tests the reg_exp, status changes to Got_Update.

Got_Update: means the latest update is more recent than last time a subscriber checked the comic. Comic not checked for updates. If a subscriber opens the comic, status changes to Watch_For_Updates.

Watch_For_Updates: Comic checked for updates. If update found, status changes to Got_Update.

Done: Comic not checked for updates. This status is set by the admin once the comic officially ends.

This way the server won't waste time checking for updates if the comic officially said there won't be any more or if no one bothered to look at the previous update.

PS. The <code> tags produce horribly ugly results.
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I like the idea of there being another status level. By differentiating between comics that HAVE been checked, and are not being updated from those comics that have not been checked to start with, things will be easier.

The Got_Update part of your suggestion is not really helpful, as the My Comics page tells you when a comic you select to track has updated since you last looked at it.

Basically, that is the only differances I would make are

1) Showing people if a comic has problems being checked on the normal pages

2) Another setting to show a comic has just not been gone over by an admin

3) Admins can automatically just enter Not Updating setting into the update method scroll bar.
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From kalin's post, I presume the purpose of the "Got_Update" status is for the checker, not the comic readers. That is, it notes whether a comic has been marked updated, and yet no subscriber has looked at it yet. In such a case, checking again is not needed.

Implementation needn't be difficult. Once a comic is detected as 'updated' it is given the "Got_update" status. It is then moved to "Watch_For_Updates" as soon as the first subscriber looks at it.
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That WOULD save on bandwidth. However, you do not want casual viewers who are just checking out every comic, like I am doing, setting it off. You are talking about people who want to check for updates.

To impliment that, you would need to create TWO triggers for it to start looking for updates

1) Someone looks at it via the My Comics page. Add some code to the action for linking to the comic.

2) When someone subscribes to the comic in the first place.

The one basic bit of coding can work. Something like "if comic_status Got_Update = true then set to comic_status Watch_For_Updates"

Just abit of psudocode that may help.

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