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Sorry about the new ads, folks. I just need to increase the revenue of the site a bit to cover costs. It's costing me roughly $5-10 a month to host the site and I've been making $20/year with Adsense. I've put up Project Wonderful ads, which should be a bit more on-topic, since they are mostly ads for webcomics and/or games. Let me know if they are really annoying anywhere and I'll get rid of them there.

The upshot of Project Wonderful is that you can purchase an ad to support Comic-Nation for as little as the current lowest bid. If you bid $0.16/day you support CN for the month :P.
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I, for one, welcome our new advertisement overlords. Project Wonderful is the only advertising I specifically disable Adblock Plus for. Partly because the number geek in me likes to keep track of how much ads cost on various websites and how the price fluctuates with time, but also because the I've found that PW ads are more likely to be relevant and interesting than the usual crap. And once in a blue moon I can place totally absurd and pointless ads for free!
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I've found several of my favourite comics through Project Wonderful, including Dragon Doctors.
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Note to self: start new webcomic about travelling salesmen who also happen to be pigeons.
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I am now advertising my web novel "Take a Lemon" through this site, so that should add to your revenues, even if the ad isn't the most beautiful (I'm a writer, not an artist, sorry).

Please - click through, read and comment!
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I used to hate ads until I started my website and needed extra funds. XD

Adsense is trash! Project Wonderful is amazing! I love it! I guess it doesn't get big bucks, but it's middle of the road and at least the vast majority of ads placed are for webcomics. That and there's not all that shady business with viruses and stuff adsense is known for. Least, I've never run across or heard of any through PW.

But yeah! Support all your favorite sites by clicking the project wonderful (only) ads! I've found a TON of great new webcomics that way!
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it's long long ago.

Dank u voor sharing.maybe zul je net als de <a href="">MBT VERKOOPPUNTEN</a>.Have een mooie dag!

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