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Hey eveeerybody,
We just updated the newest Glazed Doughnuts today. We put out one of these a week, and they are almost entirely geek-themed comedy. I try to mainly use Star Wars/ Star Trek/ and Comics for my jokes. But I'm sure eventually I'll pass into other realms of comedy.

I aim to start a new, storied webcomic over the summer, and hope to open up Glazed Doughnuts to the "readers" few as they may be. So read it, enjoy it, and if you like, send us jokes or fully completed strips for review. If we like it, we post it. Make sure you give us copyright information or a website link if you do this. Legal and all that.

Anyway, enjoy. or for the direct link to the comic:
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Awesome. Star xxxx to everything else ratio not as high as expected though, unless you increase the weight of the more recent ones.

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