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Hi everyone, it recently occurred to me that, with the recent long delays in implementing new comics, people might miss their long, long awaited comics going live. One contributing reason for such confusion is also because nobody knows what the hell the site admins are doing. So I decided to start posting my progress reports here.

I'm afraid the idea came to me a bit late, so there are numerous comics implemented whose names I have forgotten. If you're waiting for a comic that isn't on this list, go search for it anyway (look on the suggested list first). If it's mysteriously vanished, drop me a line (NO, you CAN'T have my prrre... I mean my e-mail. Do it in the forums).


No worries was split into three entries:
*No Worries: One Offs
*No Worries: Strips
*No Worries: Extras
Web Designer Comic
Not Safe for Work Comics
Raw Fish
Insert Life Here
Therefore I am
Clockwork Game
Republic Domain The comics on the frontpage are two weeks (three comics) ahead of the dedicated page. This entry captures the *latest* comics, and connects to the frontpage as it should.
Weird Adventures in Unemployment
[Error: Comic #2043 not found!]
Furthia High has gone through a restart, on a new site. I've implemented both comics:
*Furthia High
*Furthia High: Old Canon
LadyStar: The Fury of the Venom Legion This comic is over, there is a prequel/sequel going on at:
*LadyStar: Jessica Hoshi and the Ajan Warriors
[Error: Comic #2057 not found!]
[Error: Comic #2060 not found!]
Destination Downfall
M Organ Art
Life of Bob, The

NOT Implemented. If you're waiting for one of these comics, please contact me.

Aloof - Gone
Steam Pirates - Gone
Cartoon du Jour - Linkfarm

[Error: Comic #2029 not found!] - This site contains very few comics, and there's no way I can see to separate them from regular posts. If you want to follow this person's blog, you should use RSS to get all of them. If you only want the comics, I must wonder why. It's kinda like reading a book by staring at the cover. If someone really wants to argue the case, please contact me. Otherwise I'm going to delete this entry.
Null Knowledge - Recently, in the forums, I said that despite my lack of understanding of JavaScript, no JS site had yet defeated me. That, of course, jinxed it. I can make neither head nor tail of the script on this site, mainly because it's too simple. As far as I understand, it shouldn't work. I now appeal to any and all authorites on the subject to bail me out.
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More implemented comics 2/21/09:

Magic Inkwell: Year of the Rat
My Name Is Might Have Been
Unlife is Unfair (via The Duck)
Loyalty & Liberty
Bonobo Conspiracy
Hooray For Pandas
[Error: Comic #2110 not found!]
[Error: Comic #2113 not found!]'s site is gone, but I found a ComicSpace page, so I linked to that.
Bohemian Drive was the name of the site. The comic hosted there was Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life
[Error: Comic #2115 not found!]
[Error: Comic #2119 not found!]
Ed's R Us
Guest Strip Project
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Re: Null Knowledge. I wrote this email to the "Contact Us" link on the left, but figured I may as well write it here too.

Saw your post about Null Knowledge on the Comic-Nation main-page.
Took a quick look at their scripts, and it doesn't seem too complicated.

The website loads "./javascript/select_v03.js?maxweek=4" in the header.

Inside select_v03.js, there are a few variables of importance:

var maxweek = 4;
var maxyr = 9;
var maxmon = 26;
var minyr = 8;

var currentyr = maxyr;
var currentmon = maxmon;
var currentday = maxweek;
var currentFileMon= 0;

When the file is first loaded, it sets the current year/month/day to the maximum year/month/week (bad variable naming, but blah). Then, in the loadpics() function (which is called in the body's onload), it sets the document's main image to

document.images['main'].src= 'images/nullknowledge/'+ (currentyr) +
'/' +(currentFileMon) + '/' + (currentday) +'.gif' ;

I would suspect, to check for updates to the comic, that it's sufficient to check for updated values of the variables maxweek, maxyr, and maxmon inside that script (while simultaneously checking the script tag in the header for these variables, since he seems to like to set it in the src URL).

Hope this helps.
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Let's hope that it's enough to just check the variables in the javascript file, because that's what I just implemented.
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Wait, I was looking for a call to an external script file. How the hell did I miss that?

Hmmm... Meeowth, I didn't even know our system could read .js files. My browser can't, anyway.

Thanks alot, both of you. I learned a lot.
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Newly added comics 3/9/09:

Freak Boys
[Error: Comic #2125 not found!]
Highschool Brawling Club
Too Much Information - Bonus
Super Stupor
DES Comics
Rival Angels (Drunk Duck mirror)
[Error: Comic #2139 not found!] is not a Web comic, that I can see.
Projects of Andrew Hussie, The
Electric Retard
Goo From Another Dimension
lol comics
Super Effective
Blue Goo Studios
El Listo: Cómics de humor, amor, sexo y cultura
Exiern: Dark Reflections was removed, as Exiern - Dark Reflections already exists.
Trio Solution
Two Thousand, two hundred and Fourteen (2214)
Woo Tales
Meek, The
Hard Graft
Rise of Goosifer

Marked Denizens - Gone
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New comics as of 3/11/09

[Error: Comic #2161 not found!]
Pray For Death
[Error: Comic #2166 not found!]
Blue Skunk
Chama Tama
Creeping Me Out
Missadventures of Danielle Vix
Twisted Comix
[Error: Comic #2180 not found!]
Close to the Chest
Key Quest
Chains Of Destiny is a webnovel, not a comic, but... Enjoy.
Scale Wars
Johnny Saturn
Sandra and Woo
Spying with Lana
Evil Diva
Not So Distant
Dawn of Time
Gun Show

*Duel Class no longer exists on the web.
*There doesn't seem to ba any comic at [Error: Comic #2183 not found!]. Does anyone know any different?
*[Error: Comic #2238 not found!] Seems to be under permanent reconstruction, and the comic images have disappeared. I've created a scheme for it, but I don't know how well it will hold up when (and if) the comics go back up. It should at least alert you if there's any changes to the site, so keep an eye on it.
*Same with Port Faith. Where do you guys *find* this stuff?
*[Error: Comic #2284 not found!] has been submitted before, but I'm sorry; I've done my due diligence on this site, and can't find *anything* to latch an update scheme onto. If one of the other admins wants to have a go, and is brighter than me, they may find a way. Otherwise I'm afraid this comic will just have to stay off.
*Little Hominids has vanished.
*Dog's Days of Summer has concluded and gone to print.
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New batch of added comics as of 4/1/2009 (no this *isn't* an April Fool's, it's legit. Trust me ;-)

Akona Eros
Outrageous Fortune
Atheist Eve
Johnny Wander
Draconia was deleted, since Draconia Chronicles, The already existed.
Palindramas: Palindromes, Cartoonified
Daisy is Dead
Broken Plot Device
Chain Bear
Robot Comix
Reasonable Comics
Cru the Dwarf (Via the Duck)
Flintlocke vs the Horde
Seat of Wrath
Silent Scream
Gun Show, The
High School Sweethearts
Shaolin Drunken Bum
George the Cat
Genoworks Saga was deleted, since Exotica Genoworks Saga already existed.
[Error: Comic #2441 not found!]
[Error: Comic #2444 not found!]
Pulse: The Blue Bombshell
[Error: Comic #2450 not found!]
My Sister the Demon
My Sister the Goddess
My Sister the Damned
My Sister the Witch
Knights of Dor, The
Continentals, The
Miranda: The Wizard´s Daughter
Felina: Cat wants a Job!
Felina: The Bullet-Catcher
Felina: The witch hunt
[Error: Comic #2599 not found!]
Madame Zelda
Dick Dogdick
Perils of Piggy Painslut, The
Cedric the Sissy
Nanny Goat's Nursery
Caribbean Blue
Mensch unserer Zeit
Action at a Distance
Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing
Imaginary illustrations
Loonatic's Tale, A
After Lily
Paint Heroes
[Error: Comic #2601 not found!]
Cold Place, A
Outlands, The
Kalamarian Lullaby

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