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Bunch of comics still updating

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I took a look at some other unchecked faves after I saw Absurd Notions was updating the other day.

Sabrina Online is actually still updating.
Sabrina Online

Spare keys for Strange Doors has started updating again.
Spare Keys for Strange Doors

Shortpacked is updating every April 1:st, looks like.

Also, Basic Instructions is having a re-run with added commentary.
Basic Instructions
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I did know about Shortpacked, but... is it really worth it to check for comics when it'll only update once a year?
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It would be cool if there were a mode where a comic was checked for updates once every month or so. It'd save on computing power while still being good enough for people who forget to check these comics themselves.
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Just added comments is not enough for Basic Instructions to be reactivated. No real new content for the comic. Context? yes. Content? no.

Shortpacked is being reactivated.
So is Spare Keys and Sabrina Online

Elaborate, I stop the checking if there is no update for 5 years, roughly. This means I go through all the comics at least once a year, if I can. Prefferably every six months.

Forums >> General >> Bunch of comics still updating

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