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I have a list of a couple dozen webcomics that I read regularly. Rather, that I read occasionally, but don't want to have to either read them daily or keep track of where in their respective chronologies I am.None of these comics have RSS feeds, or I'd just use them.Currently, I have a cron job that prints the comic pages to images using a FireFox plugin which is not currently compatible with FF version >= 4. While it works, I will want to update FF at some point in the not-too-distant future, so I'm looking for something else.I'd prefer to save the whole page over just the strip: they occasionally have bits aside from the comic itself that I'm interested in (eg. xkcd's alt-text, blog posts, etc.). If possible, I'd also love for the whole thing to be able to run without an X server running.wget doesn't work. Even with the "convert for local browsing" switch, some images won't be saved (they're fancy javascript onload-triggered, or something).

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