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I can't be the only one who stays on top of a few web comics! To get straight to the point, what are some of the comics you frequent? Any particular artist you prefer?I've been frequenting Brawl in the Family for at least two years now. Though the art style is extremely simple for the most part, I really enjoy Matthew's work. Being a huge Nintendo fan, this is one of my favorite comics, as I get pretty much every comic
Second on the list of "Most Frequented" is Awkward Zombie. While I don't quite understand many of the comics from games like Mass Effect and World of Warcraft, I really like the art style and enjoy the humor. Last but not least, Fanboys Online. I've got a few issues with his uploading (he breaks up things that should be one after the other), but the art is pretty good and the humor had me cracking up on a number of occasions. Though I laughed at many of the older comics... I don't recommend you look at them if you can't stand Paint.
There are a few more I enjoy, but I don't keep up with them like I do these three. Any comics you like? A specific one out of a series?

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