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Am I shameless? Well, yes, I am!

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And because of this I present you today: Union of Heroes

It's a professionally made photocomic about superheroes - from Germany! With real actors, not toys or puppets.
It is published in english and german and other languages will follow.
Is has a myspace-page, you can follow it via twitter, and an rss will be there soon, too.

So please, feel free to take a look. We are updating since April 2008 and we push out new pages every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The time has come for new Heroes!
The Union of Heroes!
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Main character (I think) looks like Doctor Who.
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Like Dr. Who? Well, thank you! That's not the worst connotation you can get... Far from it! I really like this comparison!
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/TYPOMAN enters the room.

/Page 2: Many a tale begins in an unspectacular place.

/Page 3--requires work on sentence structure.

/Page 4---is funny, and I mean 'intentionally funny' not 'so bad that it's good funny'. 'Breakfast smell' is not really used in English, but it sounds like something I would say when I just woke up. Trouble is, the imperfect translation makes it sound like a case of "Engrish [look it up]" so that may mislead the reader regardless.

/The translation gets better from there.
/Page 14--"He reappeared two days later with" either "a serious headache" or "a really bad headache" [/b]. The latter is more informal and probably suits this strip better.

/Otherwise, I'm interested so far. It's funny and well photographed, though having read to p15 so far I don't know if it'll pull me in yet.
/TYPOMAN has left the room.
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Hello Zeevico (aka TYPOMAN!)

Thank you very much for your corrections!
I have changed page 2 and 14 right away.

Page 3 and 4...
Yeah, I know, that the translation there is not perfect...
But the problem is, that I'm not a native english speaker - so I don't know how to translate it in a better way.
And I have asked an english speaker to read everything and she told me that it was ok like that...

If you know a better way of how to write these two sentences - just fire away please! I would be really happy about it.

Hopefully you continue reading some more pages. Just give it a try ok? ;-)

Best regards from Germany!
thirtyseven (aka Arne)
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To be honest, I'm not a big fan of photocomics. I can't quite put my finger on why.

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