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The nuggets of Marvel Comics Presents

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Marvel Comics Presents is an anthological magazine, which each issue proposed 4 different stories of 8 plates each, every 15 days, from 1988 to 1995. It lasted 175 issues.
She directed the whole Marvel universe, on one-shots or episodes to follow, up to 25 consecutive numbers.
It allowed to highlight unknown characters, as well as flagship heroes, in the hands of beginners and also artists with a strong reputation.
You will understand, it was a nice mess ...
In France, some of these episodes were gathered in Top BD and RCM Semic (Weapon X Windsor Smith for the best known) and others have served of stop-gap in different magazines.
I only discover the American magazine and I propose to summarize some important episodes here.

I start with an episode of Sub-Mariner, in Marvel Comics Presents 33, written by Don McGregor, drawn by Jim Lee and inked by Chris Ivy. This episode has the particularities of being completely silent and being 100% ecologist.

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