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Sonic the Comic Online issue 252?

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I just checked the Sonic the Comic Online site today and found something a bit interesting that I thought I'd share.

First, a bit of background. Sonic the Comic was a licensed Sonic the Hedgehog fortnightly comic in the UK. It was at one point the publisher's biggest title, but the publisher had some rather stupid policies, such as after a set amount of time starting to repeat stips and stories in thier comics. For a comic with a set continuity and timeline, along with a core readership that had been reading from the early days, this was the kiss of death. Sales started to fall the more reprints appeared and the more sales fell the less money they were willing to spend on including new stories and eventually the comic stopped selling enough copies to be worth their while. Sometime later the not exactly official online succesor appeared. Carrying on from the last new story that the original comic published.



For more u can check it:
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