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Is HTTPS handleable now?

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A while ago I pointed out that Penny Arcade was broken, and was told, yeah, nothing that can be done, they switched to HTTPS and we can't handle that. Well, I noticed that xkcd broke for a while after it switched to HTTPS, but now works again. Does this mean HTTPS is handleable now? Can Penny Arcade now be fixed?

Thank you!
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Just tried it again, and the result was a message saying: Could not connect to:

Tried the RSS feed, and got: Could not connect to:

So I'm guessing the answer is: Not by me for now.
I know that comic has a lot of followers and a large fanbase, so I really want to get it active (to make you guys, and girls, happy), but I don't know how to

Forums >> Problems >> Is HTTPS handleable now?

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