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This is the first official new off-topic thread. may it be as random and weird as the last!
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Oh bother. This is where we need our emoticons back, so that I can post the one with the fire.

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O ye of little faith.

Everyone knows that the true manner in which emotions are sent through the internet is by grabbing the packets and choking them with emotion before sending them off. You may also interface with the website directly, if your mind is rooted firmly enough in the platonic realm of forms.
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Incidentally, this is officially the first thread on the new off topic forum--not the first official thread of the new off topic forum. The difference between the two is immeasurable. I cast a stern glance upon you for causing such confusion and roll for damage.
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I didn't notice it at first due to the all-mighty unread threads button, but this thread remains the only one in this forum that is actually off topic. The other ones could easily be in the general or suggestions forums.

How does the fire one go these days?
Thats it.
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Man, three posts and we're already on the Platonic realm of forms. I'm beginning to feel like CN suffers from its own special form of Godwin's law, with Plato instead of Hitler.
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As post count approaches infinity, chance of philosophical bullshit approaches 1?
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I don't know if I'd classify the platonic realm of forms as philosophical bullshit. Philosophical bullshit is when you use a bunch of fancy pants questions and whatnot to obfuscate the issue. I think Plato was legitimately trying to find truth though reflection.

But I do agree with the chance of spouting philosophical bullshit does go to one as post count goes to infinity. That's pretty insightful actually.
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Jizzle wrote:

But I do agree with the chance of spouting philosophical bullshit does go to one as post count goes to infinity. That's pretty insightful actually.

Now this is quiet interesting, is this post count or thread length as per Godwins Law? If it is thread length then does a superset exist of topics that will tend towards infinity during a thread.
We already have Nazi's and Bullshit Philosophy.
What other things should be on the list?

Some internet memes such as All your Base are belong to us or the Russian Reversal have come close to infite status but only on some websites like slashdot.
Any people can think of?
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I think you have the wrong link for russian reversal. This is the correct one
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Oh, many a true word spoken in jest!

In general, situation in Soviet Russia is reverse of in West, with few notable exceptions. Example; under capitalism people oppress people, under communism is other way around. Communism better.
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In comic nation you resurrect dead threads... in soviet Russia, dead threads resurrect YOU!


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