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This version going

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As anyone who has read the thread 'Future Maintainability' will know, this current version of CN is going to be cut off on Feb 15th, as we don't know is a new version will be ready to replace it.

I know what I am doing to prepare for that, but I would like to hear what other people are trying.

I often fav a lot of comics to check out latter, and I am putting them onto a RSS reader, if I can. Others I am putting on Piperka. Don't like it as much as CN, but it gets the job done. (I also finally found the RSS feed for Comicgenesis)

This means I have been a bit slow to activate newly suggested comics. I have a long weekend coming up and a half day tomorrow, so I will take care of that then.
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When I subscribe to a comic, and also put a link in a bookmark folder, and whenever CN is down, I just go to that folder and click "Open All in Tabs" and wait five minutes. But this isn't really practical as a long term solution.

For non-comic feeds I use LiveJournal syndications (because that's where I have my blog) with BlogLines as a backup, but both can be pretty erratic. If necessary, I guess I can just add my comics there until CN comes back.
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CN will be coming back, don't worry . I'm planning to move us to the new server by mid-week. Please check out the future maintainability thread and let me know what if/what bugs you find.


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