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@corruption: fixed.
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Found another problem. Can someone explain to me why a lot of old comics that suddenly on the suggested page, considering I know for a fact that more then a few are from sites that are now gone, I as had subscribed to them when they were active, and even sent more then a few here?
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Updating and activating comics, and I have come across a really annoying situation. Every times I want to test a change, I have to alter the edit page, press edit the make the change stick, then go back to the edit page before I can test the change I made.

It also does not show the change on the info page either, just the old information
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Some comics are now harder to track, either because they will refuse permission if they don't like the user agent header, or because they actually always redirect in the response headers. Add this to changes needed to the site, I guess.
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I have 3 ideas for the site, and would like to run them by everyone. If no-one has any objects, I'll start in a month's time
1) If a comic hasn't been updated in about 3 years, I'll stop having it checked for updates
2) If a comic has vanished entirly, I'll delete the entry for it.

I also have a 3rd idea that I would not know how to impliment:
If we have 2 entries for the one comic and we want to delete one entry as a duplicate, can how about making it so we can sent the subscribers of the new entry to the original entry?
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I'm okay with #1.

(I'm not sure about #2 for... reasons... but I recognize that they shouldn't be considered for a general case)
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The third idea should be possible depending on how you can tell they are a duplicate.

- Either the same comic name (Is there any that aren't duplicates that have the same name?)

- If they have the same update url

Using that, it should be a simple process

- Check for duplicates
- If there are any duplicates found, pick one to use as the master and then find any user that has the duplicate, remove that duplicate and then add the master to their subscription list.

This capability shouldn't be too difficult to do, depending on how the database is setup and how subscriptions are handled. Wish I had Ruby knowledge to help, but that's not one of the languages I know.
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I understand what you mean about 2.
I am just talking about vanished entirely and not for a short time either like a hosting problem. I'm talking about 6 months vanished and they can't be found elsewhere online. You don't have to worry about that.
If we could get all the vanished comics to their own area, so the main lists are not just filled with link rot, I would be all for it.
However, as it is, when you try looking through the lists and find about 7 broken links one after the other, I for one get pretty ticked. I'm speaking not as an admin, but a user of this site.
As an Admin, I have to say the broken links can be very annoying when in the past we have had some of the former child oriented comic sites become porn sites. Others have taken over by gambling sites.
I am not talking about sites where the comic was taken down and replaced with a site selling the comic as a book.

We already can't have to entries with the same comic name. However sometimes duplicates can have slightly different names
For a real example I have come across:
A devient mind
Devient mind
Devient mind, A
A Devient mind by (Author's name)
A Devient mind - the webcomic

All with the same URL
I have also came across some websites sharing the same home URL (one being a side comic) and Update URL (a feed), but are different.
How would I check for them? I would look and try to spot them
Incidently, in that example, I have it down as Devient Mind, A
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