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eekee | Mar 17, 2012

There were 2 instances of S.S.Myra in the suggested comics list. I fixed the linked one and deleted the other; if you were watching for the other you'll want to re-subscribe.

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Grace_chibi_reading Dawn of Time duplicate to be deleted in Problems
M_Northstar | Dec 11, 2009

I've discovered there are two entries for Dawn of Time, and am going to delete [Error: Comic #2723 not found!]. If you have this entry in your lists, please subscribe to Dawn of Time instead. The deletion will be implemented in one week.

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Rgejman New Ads in General
rgejman | Jun 13, 2009

Sorry about the new ads, folks. I just need to increase the revenue of the site a bit to cover costs. It's costing me roughly $5-10 a month to host the site and I've been making $20/year with Adsense. I've put up Project Wonderful ads, which should be a bit more on-topic, since they are mostly ads for webcomics and/or games. Let me know if they are really annoying anywhere and I'll get rid of them there.

The upshot of Project Wonderful is that you can purchase an ad to support Comic-Nation for as little as the current lowest bid. If you bid $0.16/day you support CN for the month :P.

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Grace_chibi_reading New Comics in General
M_Northstar | Feb 20, 2009

Hi everyone, it recently occurred to me that, with the recent long delays in implementing new comics, people might miss their long, long awaited comics going live. One contributing reason for such confusion is also because nobody knows what the hell the site admins are doing. So I decided to start posting my progress reports here.

I'm afraid the idea came to me a bit late, so there are numerous comics implemented whose names I have forgotten. If you're waiting for a comic that isn't on this list, go search for it anyway (look on the suggested list first). If it's mysteriously vanished, drop me a line (NO, you CAN'T have my prrre... I mean my e-mail. Do it in the forums).


No worries was split into three entries:
*No Worries: One Offs
*No Worries: Strips
*No Worries: Extras
Web Designer Comic
Not Safe for Work Comics
Raw Fish
Insert Life Here
Therefore I am
Clockwork Game
Republic Domain The comics on the frontpage are two weeks (three comics) ahead of the dedicated page. This entry captures the *latest* comics, and connects to the frontpage as it should.
Weird Adventures in Unemployment
[Error: Comic #2043 not found!]
Furthia High has gone through a restart, on a new site. I've implemented both comics:
*Furthia High
*Furthia High: Old Canon
LadyStar: The Fury of the Venom Legion This comic is over, there is a prequel/sequel going on at:
*LadyStar: Jessica Hoshi and the Ajan Warriors
[Error: Comic #2057 not found!]
[Error: Comic #2060 not found!]
Destination Downfall
M Organ Art
Life of Bob, The

NOT Implemented. If you're waiting for one of these comics, please contact me.

Aloof - Gone
Steam Pirates - Gone
Cartoon du Jour - Linkfarm

[Error: Comic #2029 not found!] - This site contains very few comics, and there's no way I can see to separate them from regular posts. If you want to follow this person's blog, you should use RSS to get all of them. If you only want the comics, I must wonder why. It's kinda like reading a book by staring at the cover. If someone really wants to argue the case, please contact me. Otherwise I'm going to delete this entry.
Null Knowledge - Recently, in the forums, I said that despite my lack of understanding of JavaScript, no JS site had yet defeated me. That, of course, jinxed it. I can make neither head nor tail of the script on this site, mainly because it's too simple. As far as I understand, it shouldn't work. I now appeal to any and all authorites on the subject to bail me out.

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Grace_chibi_reading M. Northstar Recommends - NSTA: Semper Vigilantis in Web-Comics
M_Northstar | Dec 31, 2008

*Startles awake* OMG, I forgot to post a new recommendation... for a whole year O_o
Drat, that still doesn't put me in the lead.

Anywho, better late than never, right? Right? Guys?

Um... let's just get on with it.

NSTA: Semper Vigilantis


Being a futuristic Big Brother style super cop with cool implants and total command over 16 doom's day style laser satellites might sound both oppressive and exciting, but Flashfire and the other field agents of the National Satellite Tracking Agency aren't *like* that. Don't let the comic fool you.

Despite what you'll be seeing in these pages, the "nasties" are a pretty laid back bunch, mostly filling their days with routine maintainance and patrols, writing reports, annoying each other and pursuing love. Flashfire himself is a post-grad astrophysicist working at the agency until he can get a real job.

It seems counter-intuitive, but working at NSTA is usually boring. It's not everyday that some punk drugs you and carves your special-issue implants out of your head with a rusty knife (what's that? The knife wasn't rusty? Oh... Well, I guess you can explain the difference to Delphi here. I'll be watching from over there. We're rooting for you buddy... um... can I have your MP3-player?). But as you may have deduced, the shit's about to hit the fan, and a veritable deludge of gun-toting thugs hunting for nasties, uncooperative cops, anti-surveillance protesters, and greedy cyberneticists is going to forcefully bear upon Flashfire and his team-mates the importance of the comics motto: Semper Vigilantis, eternal vigilance.


If you but look at the horizon, you'll see it coming: the world of Kirstan Norris's NSTA: Semper Vigilantis. The NSTA is an intelligence and law enforcement organisation that, following continued threat of foreign and domestic terrorism on US soil Anno 2035, has replaced and incorporated the FBI, the NSA, and Homeland Security. The struggle between the government's need to monitor an ever more technologically empowered populace, and that population's desire to freely and profitably explore the limits of their new-found power, mirrors to-day's struggle between the music industry and the consumers. Kirsten Norris manages to give her story a warm and realistic feel by keeping her narrative at eye-level and centered on the humans involved. Amidst all the chaos that follows the attack on agent Delphi, the major red thread is Flashfire's budding romance with Ariana the privacy advocate. Will it work out? Will he get the balls to confess to her what he does for a living? Will she forgive him for deceiving her? And most importantly, how many times can she miss seeing him in uniform by the skin of her (or his) teeth?

A word about the art of NSTA, it's the kind of not-quite-ironed-out-yet chic that the reader's find a lot more attractive than the artist herself, who can spend inordinate amounts of time pointing out every little flaw that you probably never would have seen or cared about otherwise. I admit to having a definite bias for the style over the (to my mind) over-glossy art of many more sophistacted artists. All I'm saying here is, if this style isn't your cup of tea, give it a chance anyway, as the story is well worth it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all

Name: NSTA: Semper Vigilantis
Author/Artist: Kirstan Norris
Status: ~1 page every 10 days

Style: Manga-influenced
Format: Toned pencil sketch, Full page
Content: Continuous story
Genre: Science Fiction

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